Inspiring T-Shirts & Leggings


  • T-shirts made from 100% cotton
  • produced in Serbia in my uncle's family business
  • no mass production therefore available in limited quantities
  • positive affirmatiions in various languages
  • shipping material is reduced to the minimum (eco packaging)
  • 10% of all income is invested in good causes

🌟 My first donation $50 was for Africulture dance group in Bagamoyo Tanzania. With the donation they can tailor and create some of their new costumes.


More about my mission & inspiration ⬇️



I am divine & Љубав (love)

serbian cyrillic alphabet
Onesize: 46cm / 44cm / 48cm

CHF 12.50

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Leo print - brave heart collection

Onesize: length 90cm

4% Elastan

CHF 15.00

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Eco-friendly: The clothing is produced in Europe in Serbia (Kragujevac). The pattern of a garment is transported back and forth around the world several times until it is sold as the final product. My goal is to eliminate this process. The wish is that this clothing will be given away, sold second-hand or recycled. The clothing will be predominantly light and 100% cotton to reduce environmental impact. A trustworthy organic certification. Source is the destination. I will invest 10% of the income in environmental and people-friendly projects.


Human-friendly: It is important to me to support a family business that is suffering from global mass production. After a few trips to Southeast Asia and a lot of education, the understanding emerged that there is a lot of human exploitation and environmental pollution behind the fashion industry. For years I have been reducing my consumption to the minimum and my desire is to wear clothes that I can stand behind. The people who wear this clothing can be encouraged and empowered. 10% of the income is invested in people-friendly projects.


Encouraging: Words have power and the messages we absorb consciously, mostly unconsciously, have an impact on the way we think, act and feel. Our heart area is the strongest energy field and I want to gift people's hearts with positive and empowering messages. On this topic, check out Masaru Emoto's water experiment.


Transparency: All materials come from Turkey, the clothing and print are made in Serbia (Kragujevac) in my uncle's family business. The fabrics are 100% cotton* (note that the materials are not organic certified, so it may happen that the fabrics contain synthetic traces). It is my mission to completely eliminate synthetic materials & plastic from production and the process is ongoing.