Jelena Joksic

  • Founder of Inspired by Jelena (formerly Fitness by Jelena) 2015 
  • Certified fitness trainer & sports nutritionist (Zurich 2012)
  • Cert. Group Fitness Instructor: Jumping Fitness 2015 & Pound Fit Pro 2018 
  • Passionate dancer: Serbian folklore 20 years performance & competitions (switzerland, balkan, sweden) & 14 years electronic music dance performance (switzerland & spain) 
  • Travel, Superfoods & Holistic Lifestyle lover
  • Eternal Mind Body Spirit student
Workshops by Dr Joe Dispenza: "Find your flow" in Basle CH 2018; "Changing organizations from the inside out" Business Workshop in Zurich CH 2019; "Week Long Advanced Retreat" in Dubai 2020; "InnerMission" Online Course 2020; "The Formula" Online Course 2021; "Evidence is the loudest voice" Livestream 2022
Workshops by other teachers: "The power of NOW" by Eckhart Tolle CH 2015; "Magic" Online Course by Kyle Cease 2022; "Beyond Expansion" Online Course by Kyle Cease 2022

We can communicate in: English, Deutsch, Español, Srpski & Français