• Jumping fitness training video with effective strength exercises ⬇️
  • Trampoline rental Fr. 30.- per month
  • Buy a used trampoline for Fr. 290.- per trampoline (original value Fr. 440.- + Fr. 150.- new Flexi mat replaced = Fr. 590.- per trampoline).


Jumping Fitness is dynamic fitness training on specially developed trampolines. For training you use traditional aerobic steps, which are gentler on the joints due to the springy surface than if you do them on solid ground.


The sense of balance and body coordination are significantly improved through jumping fitness. When playing with gravity, more than 400 muscles are tensed and relaxed, more than in other endurance sports.


Through regular jumping fitness, the positive results can be seen and felt in a short time. You burn three times as many calories as jogging, but despite the energetic training, the joints are protected. Let's JUMP for JOY!